How YOU Can Help

At SSCF, it is our dream to be able to help close the gap between available healthcare and those most in need.  The only measure of progress we subscribe to is the one that advances the quality of life of all participants in society.

It is a civilised and noble cause to help the weakest and most vulnerable in our society – a noblesse oblige, and an obligation upon those of us who have been so much more fortunate in life.  As Mrs Clinton put it so aptly in the closing of her book “It Takes a Village”, “Nothing is more important to our shared future than the well-being of children.”

We hope that you will agree, and give generously of your time and resources in helping to achieve this vision.  Please drop us an email at to express your interest.

Donation Account Name: Sea Star Children’s Foundation Limited
Donation Bank Account: HSBC – 023-104631-838

Tax receipts will be sent electronically once we confirmed your donation. Please allow 4-6 weeks.
Note: Tax receipts will be issued for donations of HKD 100 and above.

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