Who We Are

Hong Kong Team

Baoqiang XIAO肖寶強

Baoqiang runs the day-to-day operations of SSCF. He has six years of experience in the financial services sector in Hong Kong. A native of Beijing, Baoqiang received a scholarship to study in the UK and immersed himself in social activities and charity work while studying abroad. He obtained a master’s degree in engineering from St John’s College, University of Cambridge in 2004.

Dr. Christopher Hui 許建名醫生

As SSCF’s Medical Director, Dr. Christopher Hui provides independent medical assessment, health education and clinical due diligence. He also brings to SSCF more than 13 years of clinical experience and a broad network of medical connections across the United Kingdom, Mainland China and Hong Kong. His knowledge and professional background contribute to the backbone of SSCF’s charity effort.

Jingjing ZHOU 周晶晶

Jingjing formed the SSCF team. She grew up in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province and received full scholarships to study in the US and the UK. She currently works in the financial services industry.

Mary Anne HE 何孟茵

Mary Anne is SSCF’s treasurer, who also contributes substantially to our design needs. She has audit experience with KPMG Montreal and has obtained her Chartered Accountant designation. She then relocated to Hong Kong and took her career in a new direction at a leading media agency. She grew up in Beijing, China and Halifax, Canada, and graduated from McGill University.

Beijing Team

Dun XIAO 肖盾

Dun is involved in establishing local partnerships in China to identify and assist children with Congenital Heart Defects. A passionate entrepreneur, he has been an active participant in various social events including the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics, where he received the “Outstanding Individual” title for his volunteer services. Dun graduated with First Class Honours from Cambridge University in Electrical & Information Engineering. Dun is SSCF’s Chief Technology Officer.

Jia LIU 劉嘉

Jia focuses on due diligence in China for SSCF. She is the strong link between SSCF and various charities and volunteer groups in China. As a trained journalist, Jia has spent earlier part of her career gathering and verifying information, and has tremendous experience in dealing with individuals from all walks of life. Jia holds a Masters Degree in International Journalism and B.A. in Russian Literature from the Communication University of China.


Teal is responsible for the evaluation of local partners, public outreach, and social media. Outside of SSCF, Teal works as an investor relations advisor for U.S.-listed Chinese companies, and travels frequently between Beijing and Hong Kong. She received a B.A. in International Affairs in 2007 from the George Washington University.

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